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Fukuoka Bible Church

Welcome to Fukuoka Bible Church! 

We are a congregation of young and older, singles and families, from multiple different countries. While services are in Japanese, simultaneous English translation is available for sermons. We would love to have you visit if you are here for a short time or if you are looking for a church home in Japan.


Fukuoka Bible Church is a Protestant church planted by the Japan Evangelical Church Association (JECA), in cooperation with North Miyazaki Bible Church, led by Pastor Karou Inoue and his wife Emi. After working as a pastor in the Kansai area of Japan for over 30 years, God led Pastor Inoue and Emi to start a new church plant, and they arrived in Fukuoka in June 2009. The first Sunday service was in April 2010 in a second floor commercial rental in Jonan-ku. Since its planting Fukuoka Bible Church has worked closely with Pioneers missionaries. In 2016, Fukuoka Bible Church purchased the current building in Hoshiguma.


Join us:

  • Sunday Worship Service: 10:30am~12pm

  • Kids Sunday School (Grow): 9:30am~10am

  • Wednesday Bible Study and Prayer Meeting: 7:30pm~9pm

  • Thursday Bible Study and Prayer Meeting: 10:30am~12pm


Contact Info:

  • YouTube
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